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Store & Forward

Do you need a reliable service to receive, store and forward merchandise you buy from USA and UK to your door?

No fees to receive packages,
you only pay when you ship

45 days free storage,
optional storage up to 90 days

Discounted shipping rates
with major worldwide carriers


Base cost of international shipping is steep, it's like taking a taxi ride alone.
Shop more and consolidate your packages to save big.


We are shipping experts! We make sure your items are shipped in proper packaging.

We inspect every package to find out if contents can be shipped safely

When we receive unnecessarily bulky boxes, we put items in smaller boxes or padded envelopes

We make sure your packages are not damaged, wet or weak. We replace the box when necessary

'Shop For Me' Personal Shopper

The store you want to buy from does not accept your card?
Dont worry! We can buy on your behalf.

Use Our ‘Shop for Me’ service to let us order from your favorite stores on your behalf

We have Shopping Assistants who can help you with your orders too.

Package Return Service

Don't worry, just let us know if you want to return the item to the seller. Done !
Didn’t you like the item?
Was the seller too late?
Does the product have a defect?

Check our service rates and compare our shipping prices...