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Free Standard Features

Free USA Address
Free UK Address
  • Multiple Shipping Options for Each Country

  • Online Tracking of Your Shipments Worldwide

  • Save up to 80 percent on Shipping

  • Free 60 Days Storage After Receiving

  • Free Package Receiving & Handling

  • Responsive Customer Service & Assistance

  • 2 Free External Photos of Each Package

  • Free Consolidation & Multi Package Shipment

  • Free Shipping Insurance up to $100 value

  • Cargo (Freight) Shipping Option for Heavy Items

Via Trusted Shipping Partners

Ship worldwide via Postal Service
Postal Service
Ship worldwide via DHL
DHL Express
Ship worldwide via FedEx
FedEx International
Ship worldwide via UPS
UPS International
Ship worldwide via Aramex
Ship to select countries worldwide via Ship7 Economy
Ship7 Delivery
* Service offerings may change depending on the destination country. Not all carriers offer services to all countries

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Special Services Pricing And Fees

Free Membership
Account Fee
It's Completely Free to Sign Up and Be a Member!
Handling Fee
Unlike other shipping companies, we do not charge anything for processing! It's Totally Free!
Additional Photos
$2/each or $5 for 3
Every package comes with 2 Free Photos. If you want to see more details such as serial numbers; you can always order additional photos.
We can scan your documents and email to you
Scan & Email
$2 / 20 pages
Expecting important documents or financial statements? We can scan and email to you. $2 for first 20 pages, ¢10 / page thereafter.
Free Consolidation
We send your packages together (not physical repack) at shipping for Free. So, you save on shipping costs by not paying for them separately!
FREE or $5 (on demand)
When we see a necessity to repack your package(s) for safe delivery of your items; we may split, combine or change packaging for FREE.
Get VIP service with express processing
Express Processing
$5 / order
Jump to the front of the processing queues! Your package gets VIP treatment. Faster photos, consolidation, special requests and ship-out.
Special Requests
Special Requests
$2 / package
Is your package is fragile, or you need some extra peace of mind? We offer Special Packing, Extra Bubble Wrap, Cushioning, Fragile Stickers.
White glove handling
White Glove Handling
$2 / order
Are your items delicate or need special care and attention? Do not worry! They will get the special treatment they deserve.
Shipment insurance
Shipment Insurance
FREE Up To $100
Shipments are automatically insured up to $100 value. If your shipment value is more, you can purchase additional insurance starting at $3.
Overweight Packages
Starting at $10
Overweight packages will have a surcharge fee of $10 for packages 30 lbs and over. Contact customer service to learn details for each carrier.
Free storage up to 45 days
Free for 60 Days
Package Storage is FREE for the first 60 days. After 60 days we charge daily storage fees. Max storage is 90 days.
Additional storage up to 90 days
Additional Storage
¢10 / lbs / day
After Free Storage of 60 Days, we keep storing your items up to 90 days by paying additional fee.
Trash Package
We can demolish packages that you don't want to get delivered to you. Don't worry, we do it for FREE.
Shop For Me service
Shop For Me ™
Greater of $7 or 10%
When stores don't accept your card; we can complete the purchase for you! Just tell as what to buy and where to get it from.

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No credit card required
until you make a shipment.