What is Ship7?

What is Ship7?

We are your best friends who live in America and United Kingdom !

You shop, we send to you.

Lowest Shipping Costs

Ship7 offers a selection of shipping services to each region or country with various speeds. We let you enjoy up to 80% discounts on your shipping costs.

Fast Processing

Most shipments are available for review within 24 hours of receipt and pack requests will be ready for shipment the next business day.

Security is Top Priority

Items are stored in our alarmed warehouse and protected by 24 hour video surveillance. We pack items so they'll be safe from damage in transit.

Responsive Support Team

Our support team is happy to help and respond to any questions about your items. Need extra photos or items checked for defects? No problem.

Can't buy using your card?

If a store doesn’t accept your credit card or you’re uncertain about making the purchase yourself, don’t worry. Our 'Shop for Me' service will do it for you.

Shop more save more

The base cost of shipping an item internationally is not cheap, we know! By keeping your packages in your suite and consolidate when shipping saves a lot.

Discover new brands

USA and UK online stores offer you almost any merchandise that exists on the planet. But do you know where to find them with best deals? Don't worry. We're here for that...

Don't miss any discounts

Shopping assistance is our profession. Our expert team will follow the sales and discounts, snap the deals and share with you to help you save more on buying.

New to Shopping and Shipping from USA and UK?