Early Shipping Days

Early Shipping Days

Ship Earlier, Save more​!

The Sooner You Ship Your Packages, The Less You Pay!​

Ship7 offers up to 10% off on Early Shipping Days!  The Early Shipping Discount is valid for the very first ten days after your package arrives at Ship7. Once you receive the notification of your packages’ arrival, lose no time to take full advantage of the 10% off! If you miss the first day to ship out, do not worry! You can still claim the discount offer for significant percentages!


What are Early Shipping Days?

Ship7 offers up to 10% off when customers ship their packages out within the first ten days after their packages arrive at our warehouse.


How can I take advantage of Early Shipping Days?

Ship your packages out with the carrier you chose during the first ten days after your packages arrive. Discount will be added automatically once you create a shipment order.


How is the discount calculated in Early Shipping Days?

Early shipping discount offer starts from 10% in first day of arrival, decreases day by day and ends in 10th day with 1% off. Discount value is calculated over shipping costs, discarding additional fees.


Is it valid for all my shipments?

This offer is valid only for single-piece shipments and repacked packages are not applicable for this program.

Save 10% By First-Day Shipping At Ship7!

Shop from USA & UK, and Turkey and ship your packages with lower rates at Ship7. Save also by shipping the first day and pay less! Don’t wait after your packages arrive at Ship7 warehouses and ship them out to enjoy Early Shipping Days. Sign up If you are not already a Ship7 member and take advantage of Early Shipping Days while saving the lowest shipping rates. Enjoy smooth and cheap international shipping! 

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