Ship7 – Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain (Middle East)

To all the Middle Eastern Shopping Lovers!

Ship for what you love from the USA or UK… for the lowest price ever. Forget about the old ancient way of expensive shipping! Shipping and parcel forwarding has taken another new makeover.

Forget The Old Ancient And Expensive Ways!

  • No need for trips to USA or UK  and spending a bomb on air tickets and stay
  • Asking for help from your family or friends to send you packages is another hassle
  • Shipping directly from the online stores that over-charge shipping

Register with Ship7 today!

This is how Parcel Forwarding Works!

Ship7 Shipping & Consolidation

Why waste money on ordering items from the store directly, just consolidate everything which you have on your shopping list, Save up to 50% by ordering with Ship7 shipping!

Shop from thousands of Brands! 

Shop from any US or UK online store and get your product shipped for a better price. Click here to check your rates from US or UK to any middle eastern countries.

Extra Benefits of Using Ship7

  1. Repacking – We are the shipping experts! We make sure your items are shipped in proper packing, so you have a better experience and come back to us again.


  1. Shop Me’ Personal Shopper – The store you want to buy from does not accept your card? Don’t worry! We can buy on your behalf. We will back you up with your payment anytime.

  1. Package Return Service: Don’t worry, just let us know if you want to return the item to the seller. We will help you with the return and will get you covered.

Register with Ship7 Now!

Anywhere in the Middle East? Do you need a parcel forwarding company which will get your products delivered to you with love and care? Here we at Ship7 which cover all your needs and will take care of your shipping in style anywhere you are in the world. Simply Register for FREE with and you will have a US or UK address.

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