Apple AirPods 2 – News & Features

Apple is introducing new products in a row. In the previous days, it renewed its iMac computers and iPad Air with the iPad Mini. Today they raise AirPods. Second-generation wireless headphones come with wireless charging, longer battery life and hands-free “Hey, Siri.”
The company announced the Qi wireless charging box, but this is optional. The AirPods 2 is priced at $159 – £159 – AU$249 – AED679 with the standard charging case, and $199 – £199 – AU$319 – AED829 with the new Wireless Charging Case. The Wireless Charging Case can also be bought separately for $79-£79-AU$129 -AED329.

Second-generation wireless Apple headphones still have new features that you might want to upgrade.

First, you can now wake Siri completely hands-free (you don’t have to touch it twice as before). Also, if you use headphones with more than one device, new models are twice as fast as switching between, for example, your iPhone and MacBook.

Also, the second-generation AirPods are powered by the new H1 chip that supports Bluetooth 5.0 (up to 4.2) and is more efficient. It improves connectivity pairing times, as well as the efficiency of the battery life, which Apple claims gives you 50% more hands-free talk time. The first generation AirPods offered five hours of use, with a total 24 hours of battery life when taking into consideration their charging case, for comparison.

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